Salary System:
Candidates’ competencies, level of experience, qualifications, sector and company wage levels are considered in our remuneration system during the recruitment.

Salary increases are made annually on March. Inflation and comparison data are considered in the salary increase, and salary adjustments may be made on the scales created according to the positions.

Differences in determination of salary depend on the contribution of the work to the corporate performance, the knowledge, skill, experience,   performance and the recognition of the executive management.
Working Hours:
Our working hours applicable for our Headquarters Office is 08:30 - 18:30 on weekdays.

In compliance with the Labor Act.

Other facilities:
Lunch and services are offered in our dining hall.

Monthly transportation aids are given to the Head Office employees.  

Social Activities
Social, cultural and sports activities are organized  in order to develop internal  communication, synergy and motivation.  The activities are organized with the contribution of our participative employees under the leadership of Human Resources.

Social Responsibility Projects
Social Responsibility Projects are realized with the scope of our annual activities and the joint contributions of our shareholders, management teams and employees. You may access detailed information regarding these projects from relative sections of our web page.

Hasan Kalyoncu University, which is one of the major social responsibility projects of the Group, aims to aid the growth of qualified human capital required.  Kalyon Group’s Human Resources Department  makes cooperation  with the university under the scope of employment, training and development activities.