Founded in Gaziantep in 1974, Kalyon has started operating in the construction sector with Kalyon İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Kalyon Construction Industry and Trade Corp.), registered rapid growth together with KALEN  and İNGAZ acquired.

Kalyon, which pursues the ultimate objective of having existence throughout the world, currently operates in many countries such as Qatar, Russia, Libya, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Kalyon has successfully undertaken and completed numerous giant projects such as construction of universities, hospitals, housing complexes, schools, highways, bridges, tunnels, treatment plants, water pipelines, waste water and industrial plants thanks to its corporate background in the construction sector and its highly competent and experienced staff since 1974. 



To be a global brand, which breaks new ground with its dynamic core staff and effective understanding of work, provides its stakeholders with added value, enjoys high reliability and leadership in relevant sector.


To provide added values to society, employees, shareholders and business partners in any of its operating fields where it is engaged, particularly construction and energy sectors; to conduct its activities with higher awareness of sustainability, respect to environment and social responsibility.