Our Health, Safety, Environment
and Quality Policy
As Kalyon Insaat A.S.,
  • We undertake to be a leading company in the construction industry, rooted in our culture with the participation of our employees,
  • To follow work safety, environment and quality management requirements in all our projects,
  • To establish a safe working environment during our activities and to take measures to prevent occurrence of occupational diseases and work accidents,
  • To prevent occurrence of environmental pollution in our activities in order to avoid breaching the right of our society to live in a healthy environment, and follow the legal requirements,
  • To monitor the results we obtained in our activities of work safety, environmental and quality management, and to improve the same constantly for the development of our country,
  • Contribute to the improvement of our employees and subcontractors by providing them with training,
  • To improve our corporate infrastructure constantly in order to increase efficiency in our activities, and
as the Kalyon Family, to increase our energy rooted in the past in all the industries where we conduct business and to convey it to the future in order to fulfill all of our responsibilities to the society, our customers, the environment and our employees, briefly to all of our stakeholders.