Kalen Enerji, which is a subsidiary of Kalyon, has leased a mobile natural gas fired power plant in Georgia  under the consortium of Kalen and Coteco, successfully delivering electricity generated at the power plant from natural gas supplied from Turkmenistan to TEAŞ, an entity of the Republic of Turkey, at Hopa. The consortium has delivered 2 billion kwh of electric energy throughout the contract which lasted for 24 months.
Kalen Enerji;
• Has completed river type hydro-electric power plant projects with installed capacity of 31.29 MW and 5.2 MW at Yağlıdere - Giresun, generating 112,121,000 kwh of energy annually
• Has completed a hydro-electric power plant with an installed capacity of 42 MW on the River of Melet located in the District of Kabadüz - Ordu, generating 156,000,000 kwh of energy.
• The hydro-electric power plant with an energy generation capacity of 80,000,000 kwh and installed capacity of 24.24 MW on the Creek of Tartun located in the District of Uzundere -Erzurum will start generating energy in 2014.